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Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness love to celebrate wellness practitioners who foster the mind/body connection for the citizens of Rapid City.

The work we do often involves sharing information with many partners in the care of a single patient and so we love to shine a light on the work of our colleagues in the Black Hills, particularly when our patients would really benefit from it.

In this month’s spotlight, we’re turning our eye toward meditation. As the number of electronic devices in our lives increases and our responsibilities grow, it’s often hard to drown out the “noise” and clutter in our heads. But our bodies demand that we listen to them and any opportunity to clear our thoughts, still those voices is of value. More importantly, meditation can help the patients of Thrive Acupuncture.




We recently spoke with Nicole Heenan of Dharma Massage and Yoga. Nicole is a mental health counselor, massage therapist, yoga and meditation teacher. She offers private meditation sessions through her practice.

We asked Nicole about meditation and how it might help acupuncture patients.

“The consequences of living in a busy society means that we’re asked to automate as many tasks as possible. Everything from important numbers, weekly schedules, to automatic bill pay can now happen without conscious effort. While automating the most mundane things comes with convenience, it’s important to occasionally practice redirecting your focus to something as basic as your breath or somatic experience. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, mostly within the context of religious beliefs and practices. The past few decades scientists and other secularists have really taken an interest in the benefits of a consistent practice.”

“Having a consistent meditation practice means that you’ve chosen to sit, direct and maintain your focus for a set period of time on something, on a regular basis. Focus is similar to any trained muscle. Over time it allows one to be more focused, syncing back to a calm and centered place in less time. This consistent practice allows you to be more focused, including the time you spend with a doctor or nurse.”


“When you understand your role in your health care, it is empowering. Your mental and emotional state plays a significant role in how you present your health concerns and how you receive any diagnoses or instructions. Meditation is an excellent way to bring yourself into that partnership with every medical and wellness specialist you see.”

We thoroughly agree, Nicole! Thrive wants to partner WITH our patients in their care and believe that meditation works in unity with acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, cupping, medical qigong and all of our modalities.

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