Thrive Acupuncture & Wellness


"I felt taken care of. The environment was extremely relaxing and inviting..."


“Our magical Etch-A-Sketch fairy has visited again!”

“I have felt 100 times better since I have started going to Thrive. I spent years in pain in the Air Force and only after three sessions with Nic at least 95% of my pain was gone and I have never felt better. I look forward to every appointment. It has helped me so much with pain relief that I that I made an appointment for my wife to start treatment.”


June 9, 2017

“This is such an outstanding establishment. Super knowledgeable and friendly.”


June 7, 2017

“I had a great experience at Thrive. I had acupuncture and cupping. Nic was so nice and did an awesome job at answering all of my questions/concerns. I felt taken care of. The environment was extremely relaxing and inviting. I never felt any pressure to try something I wasn’t comfortable with and I felt like I was really being treated for the person I am.”


March 31, 2017

“I had a relaxing acupuncture and cupping. I walked out of the office after an hour session feeling totally relaxed and like I just had an hour massage. Nic and Alan have created this very relaxation environment that you can’t help but come away feeling rejuvenated.”


March 30, 2017


"You gave me back my life..."


Follow the signs to find us on the 3rd floor. You can take the elevator or the stairs.

“Such powerful experiences.. Such good experiences.. Didn’t know acupuncture could have the effects it is having with me. All I can say is – Love Nic!”


December 29, 2016

“Alan helped my tennis elbow and hand pain. I highly recommend!”


May 26, 2016

“You gave me my life back! For over 2 years I had uncontrollable shaking, ringing in my ears like a large symphony of crickets, couldn’t talk without slurring or getting frustrated. My face cringed from the nerve pain, fatigue and and loss of sensory motor skills. After just the first treatment my family was also amazed. I could carry a pot of water.

We could carry on a conversation, I could bend over, touch the floor & come straight up without looking and sounding as if I was having a stroke and best of all the red hot pins & needles in my feet were gone and I got tired and wanted to lay down at night. It’s a 5 hour drive and it’s so worth it. Thank you ALAN and NIC or the amazing healing center you have!!!”


May 26, 2016

All I can say is wooooowwww I feel so much better. Beautiful space! I never had anyone do acupuncture like that on me before. Best experience ever!


March 8, 2016

“This was my first experience with acupuncture. While I was a little nervous at first – my nerves quickly went away as the session started. The first appointment seemed like it took a little longer – for the fact that Nic did a thorough evaluation and asked a lot of questions. Ones that didn’t even seem relevant. The session itself was relaxing, not painful at all with the needles. Like with anything, consistency is the key  – as they will tell you – you’re not going to be “healed” in one session. However, I can say you will feel so much better each time you go. I always have more energy, feel better and on my way to healing! YAY!”


February 22, 2016


"It is even more rare to find someone who had a vast field of knowledge in their professional practice, and who is able to see both the important details and the bigger picture, when treating their clients."


Always feel free to come a bit early to your appointment, enjoy a cup of tea and be still.
We always have plenty of tea to share!

“I want to say a few words about Thrive Acupuncture.   After MRI plus x-rays of my low back and knee nothing was found.  Having no expectations I decided to give this acupuncture a try.  To my amazement with just one session I saw great improvement.  I have taken more sessions once a week and now can say I move freely with NO pain.  I totally recommend Thrive Acupuncture!!”



“As a licensed massage therapist and energy healer myself with more than a decade experience in the healing arts I know that it is rare to find someone who has technical mastery and a grounded and effective spiritual perspective on life. It is even more rare to find someone who had a vast field of knowledge in their professional practice, and who is able to see both the important details and the bigger picture, when treating their clients.


Al has an intuition taste and subtlety that either you’re born with or you’re not. There are many acupuncturists out there but most of them aren’t real healers, and Alan Suhr can treat you either with needles or with medical Qi gong. Five stars.”



“After having a traumatic rock climbing accident and unable to move my shoulder, I sought out the help of Nic and her expertise in acupuncture! As a very active person, I was looking for someone of knowledge both in their practice as well as the need to be healthy and active. I found that with Nic!

She is knowledgable and comforting in her approach and obvious skill set. I am 4 weeks into my recovery and I know that I would not be this far along if not for her. I can not recommend someone more highly than Nic and her acupuncture practice. It works!!!”