The Healers and Magicians of the Black Hills

Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness is taking a new approach with our ongoing blog!

We want to celebrate the holistic health community around the Black Hills. We know how important it is to connect with one another, to share resources to serve the Rapid City population. Our patients often find treatment through multiple modalities and we want to embrace those connections.

Acupuncture and TCM are whole-body approaches to health. Our training, culled from centuries of eastern practices, conditions us to view the body as more than just a collection of organs and functions. We know to look deeper, below the surface, to find the underlying causes of pain or illness. Qi, or energy, affects the entire body and often a symptom is an alert of a more critical issue with the body’s Qi.

holistic_health_thrive_acupuncture_rapidcityWe understand that sticking pins into the skin is not the only way to treat our patients. At Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness we use a host of modalities including acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, cupping and Medical Qi Gong. We are in search of the body’s ability to communicate what it needs – we will use whatever resources (needles, cups, herbal medicine) to find the source of what may be off-balance to help our patients find comfort.

We also work with other practitioners throughout the Western South Dakota region, learning from one another and working together to treat our patients. We work with fertility specialists, chiropractors, doulas and midwives, doctors, yogis and natural food specialists. We are all healers, dedicated in our shared goals of restoring health for those who suffer and maintaining body balance for those in great health.

We welcome each of you into this journey – whether you are part of the medical community of Rapid City or a citizen looking to improve your health. We hope to see you at the health and holistic fairs in our beautiful region and encourage your questions. And follow this blog as we explore the entire Wellness community of the Black Hills and celebrate our shared successes!

After all, we live in one of the most magical places on Earth. We want to honor those that help all of us maintain that magic!

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